Women and Children's Residential Program

RJMI Residential Program is a transitional Christian home for displaced women and single mothers with children who find themselves without a stable environment and a weak accountability system. We are a long-term residential program and we believe in making women self-sufficient through a life of trust in Jesus Christ. RJMI residents are given many opportunities. They receive assistance in areas of counseling, life coaching, education, legal situations, parenting, and personal growth. Each resident participates in daily devotion, Bible study and is required to find a church home during their stay. They also participate in Celebrate Recovery for any life controlling-issues and work through a 12-step study for additional enrichment. Each resident and her children (if applicable) are considered to be part of larger family and residents and staff treat each other accordingly. Everyone works together in the daily cleaning and cooking responsibilities of the home.

RJMI Residential Program has a successful histroy with surrounding countries, probationers, Child Protective Services, CASA, and family law advocates.

Residential Room 2

RJMI has a single bunkroom that houses 4 women and families are given their own private room. Children are provided their own playroom/TV room and a fenced-in backyard for play. Residents and children follow a daily schedule and children are enrolled in the local school district. RJMI encourages healthy family time and weekend activities, including trips to the splash pad, movies, fishing, playing at the park, and attending communtiy or church events. We are also known to barbeque on-site on long holiday weekends. Our home provides a comfortable living area, fenced-in backyard, multiple bathrooms and three meals a day.


Residential Room 1

Each resident is given her own room. If there are children, the children share a room with the mother. Each room has an area for hanging clothes, multiple dressers and other means of storage. Residents are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean.

Computer usage

Communication and Media

Residents may receive mail and may use a house phone for personal calls. Cell phones are allowed but are the residents' personal responsibilityˎ RJMI provides the use of computers for residents to engage in college coursework and some social media. Personal media devices of any other kind are allowed through the discreation of staff.

Personal Vehicles

Residents may bring their own vehicle at the discreation of staff. However, vehicles are required to be completely legal and mechanically sound. As well, residents must provide proof of title for personal vehicles.

Application Process

RJMI does not discriminate in any way. However, all applicants are screened and interviewed by an admission team. This team interviews and accepts on the basis of safety and personal fit to the families already in the home. THERE IS NO SET TIME-LENGTH FOR OUR PROGRAM. Program length is determined on an individual basis through regular evaluation of the resident's short-term and long-term goals in case management. Most residents can expect a MINIMUM of 7-12 months at RJMI.

Private session one-on-one

Before submitting an application, applicants should read and fully understand the house rules. If you feel you can agree to the house rules, you need to print the RJM House Rules, sign your name, enter the date, then return to Restoring Joy Ministries. Incomplete applications WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Face to face interviews are a requirement of the admission process.

"Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit." Psalm 51:12